Burger King Chili Cheese Grilled Dog


“Lets go to Burger King and eat a hot dog!”  How many times can you say you have heard that over the years? I’m guessing none. I’ve been watching people ordering these Grilled Dogs for the last month or so from BK, but I’ve been a little scared to try them myself. Who wants to be the person that goes to a steak joint and orders chicken and then complains when it sucks?

Every time I go in BK, I keep seeing these Grilled Dogs being ordered and coming out. One day 4 people in a row ordered them so that really sparks a curiosity. I had finally come to the day I was going try them for myself…. and then, they were out of hot dog buns! So I had to wait til the next time.

“The Chili Cheese Grilled Dog is a flame-grilled beef hot dog made with 100% beef topped with warm chili, cheddar cheese, and served on a fluffy baked bun” – Burger King

Finally the day had arrived and I ordered the Grilled Chili Dog combo. Seeing the dog and the barely melted cheese wasn’t the most appealing thing in the world, but it was too late to turn back down.  A month’s worth of curiously had hit me and it was going down!


The hot dog itself had a good flavor and good snap to it. You could tell it was 100% beef dog. The chili wasn’t really warm enough to melt the cheese so that could use some improvement. And.. whats up with that slice through my dog? Was that an accident and it was left on the grill too long and it exploded or was that there purposely like a rookie slicing a chicken breast before serving it up to make sure it’s cooked throughout?

Other downfall, 1 hot dog and a small fry in a combo isn’t a lot for an adult.  I’m surprised they don’t have a combo available for 2 dogs. Luckily, you can add a 10 piece chicken nugget from BK for only $1.49 so you wont have to leave hungry!

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