Wendy’s Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken w/ Ghost Pepper Fries


There are two things people tend to think of whenever they hear items like these hit the menus. “It’s too hot for me!” or “Shit’s weak!” I tend to fall into the second category. Whenever items hit the fast food market claiming to be hot, they typically never are as hot as they make them seem. I’m not a heat seeker by any means but this has always been a pet peeve of mine. IF you claim your item is hot, please add a little heat to it.  Make me know that I’m doing something a little wrong and that I at least may pay for this when I sit down at a later time (if you know what I mean).

From first look at the meal, I was actually surprised with the presentation. Our local Wendy’s doesn’t tend to always be on top of their game, but the meal was quick and looked appetizing. Right away I was most visibly impressed with the fries. I subbed them in my combo for an extra $.60 so they weren’t a costly upgrade at all, especially for the added size.


“This is the perfect way to get your fry fix AND your need for heat.” – Wendy’s


I thought this might have finally been the meal to add some heat. Looking at the fries you could actually see a lot of chopped jalapenos and several seeds mixed in and was covered with ghost pepper cheese sauce. A couple of the top fries could be eaten by hand, but the fries weren’t crispy at all with all that cheese loaded on and so a fork was definitely needed!  The heat also fell short.  A couple of bites had some heat taste but no lip or tongue tingling. For as much cheese and jalapeno, I expected more. There is also an unneeded layer of shredded cheese between the fries and the cheese sauce that didn’t add anything. I wasn’t much impressed with the fries as a whole.

We made a sandwich hot enough to attract heat-seekers from miles around.” – Wendy’s


The Jalapeno Fresco was an overall decent sandwich but most of the heat came straight from the spicy chicken filet. The jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and ghost pepper sauce didn’t add much of anything. With the amount of cheese that was visibly on the fries, I expected a far messier sandwich but everything surprisingly stayed together nicely.


In the end, too much cheese. The Ghost Chili Cheese wasn’t good enough or hot enough to be the star of the show. It was something to try once, but I don’t see myself ordering again any time soon.


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