McDonald’s Mix & Match


McDonald’s bringing their partial “All Day Breakfast” to the table has been a delightful addition to their menu and has also really spiked McDonald’s sales numbers as well. It’s brought a nice ability to do a mix and match option to my personal fast food dining experience as well. I can get some breakfast.. some dinner and still only pay $5 for my meal. Today, I went with the Sausage McMuffin with Egg, and McChicken and a Hash Brown. The best of both worlds!


Since they went to the all day breakfast, they have done a great job of still serving a fast fresh breakfast item and today was no exception. McMuffin was hot and fresh and cheese was melted. Couldn’t ask for anything more.


The McChicken has also been a go to at McDonald’s for me. For right around a buck, it’s always been a solid chicken sandwich. McDonald’s has always did a pretty good job at giving you a solid sized tomato as well so I always spend the extra $.40 and add the tomato. If you like tomato, it’s a must and takes the sandwich up a notch from just a plain ol chicken sandwich.

I’m glad McDonald’s has went the all day breakfast route and I hope their added success makes them want to keep expanding it. I love the idea of breakfast for dinner so I’d love to see them bring more options to their stores so I can get some items that I miss out on and also to bring some attention to new all day breakfast craze. Hopefully McDonald’s can prove the concept successful and make other establishments want to do the same!

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