Sonic Ultimate Chicken Club


I’ve always liked Sonic Drive In, but its a place that I’ve always been surprised does enough business to stay in business. There is only a small time of the year in the Midwest that its good enough weather to want to sit outside and eat.  You don’t want it to be too hot.. too cold.. too windy.. too wet and so on so it cant take awhile to find the perfect day to want to try it out. Sonic not having a true inside dining area has always surprised me that they are able to still do well.

Sonic offers a new limited time chicken sandwich three different ways. Traditional Ultimate Chicken, Deluxe Ultimate Chicken, and the one I’m trying for you today, the Ultimate Chicken Club. Sonic describes the Ultimate Chicken Club as  “The thickest 100% premium all white meat chicken breast lightly fried to a golden crunchy perfection, topped with creamy black peppercorn mayonnaise, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, ripe tomatoes fresh lettuce all on a bakery quality brioche bun.”  


This is a very good quality fast food chicken sandwich. You got a nice thick chicken breast, crispy bacon, and you could really receive the flavor of the black pepper mayonnaise. The only problem you ask? The asking price! The Traditional and the Deluxe were at a $5.99 price tag while this Ultimate Club came in at $6.99. Initially seeing this, I thought the pricing was for a combo, but this was a sandwich only price!

In comparison,  I could have got a SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger Combo for just $.50 more than their asking price of ONLY this chicken sandwich. Add on onion rings and a drink, Sonic had me tied in for a $10 dollar bill.


Sonic’s typically comes as your choice of fries or tots. Their fries are pretty tasteless so I typically go with tots since its an option that isn’t typically served up at fast food joints. But sonic also serves up a pretty top shelf onion ring as well so I sprang for those today! They always have a nice crispiness to them and a perfect bite. I hate when you get an onion ring from somewhere and you take one bite and the entire onion slides out of the ring. You’ll never get them this way at Sonic!  They are a sit down restaurant appetizer quality at fast food joint. You couldn’t ask for more out of them.

Overall, meal was very enjoyable. If you have $6 or $7 that you wish to spend on a chicken sandwich, you will not be disappointed.  Just make sure you have enough cash to make it to your next payday!

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