Red Burrito Grilled Burrito El Diablo


Red Burrito’s aren’t a part of all the Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr locations but if you get a chance to try one, it could be worth your time. Their current feature is a Grilled Burrito El Diablo.  It has ground beef, jalapeno poppers, freshly prepared salsa, and an habanero sauce in a folded and grilled flour tortilla.

I always like to see how a burrito looks on the inside compared to their promotion photos. Those people who roll the burritos in those photos have to be superior burrito rolling experts because the items are always a lot more proportionally spread out than the real final product. Typically you get a pocket of beef, a pocket of beans, a pocket of rice and then random spots of cheese and sour cream. I’m all about having bite #1 taste just like bite #10.


Today’s Grilled Burrito El Diablo did have a layer of beef but most everything else was evenly spread throughout so I give props to the for that.  Every bite tasted the same, which was a good thing because it was a top notch burrito. There was good flavor throughout and were bites that had a little kick to it since it featured jalapeno poppers and Habanero sauce.  I will note that the picture in the ad showed 2 Jalapeno poppers and knowing the size of the poppers, I figured there was going to be 4-5 in this burrito so I was expecting a good sized burrito. It can’t a little smaller than I figured it would and I don’t think I had but just 2 poppers in the entire burrito.

If you don’t mind a chance for a little kick, the Grilled Burrito El Diablo was a good buy!

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