Long John Silvers $5 Reel Deal Box


Long John Silvers has recently introduced the “$5 Reel Deal Box”.  It seems like everyone has a $5 meal these days and you honestly have to.  $5 seems to be the number that people really like to spend at lunch time so these meals in $4-5 range have been widely successful.  LJS’s boxes are served with 2 pieces of fish, 2 pieces of chicken or 1 fish and 3 shrimp and a side, two hush puppies, a drink, and a cookie.  It does surprise me they didn’t have a fish and chicken option. It was one or the other.

Meal was hot and fresh and surprisingly not overly greasy. I typically let my fish drain any excess grease on a few napkins before I dig in but today there wasn’t much extra to speak of. Because of the greasiness in fried fish, I tend to try to get a healthier, less greasy side so I chose green beans. LJS has several non fried sides to choose from including green beans, rice, cole slaw and corn on cob if you want to have a little bit of a healthier option.


The cookie was good as well. It was a nice, soft cookie and full of Hershey’s pieces.  I was impressed for a pre-made, frozen then thawed cookie.

Meal was very great deal for $5 though and comes with a lot of food plus a drink. I’d recommend trying to catch one of these LJS’s $5 Reel boxes before they are gone!

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