Hardee’s Pretzel Breakfast Sandwich


It’s time for my first breakfast review. As earlier stated, I don’t often have breakfast out at fast food, but this is one I had to try. I’ve always enjoyed Hardee’s breakfast as a whole, and I’m also a big fan of soft pretzels so this is one that I couldn’t pass up trying. This sandwich can be ordered with Sausage, Bacon or even Ham if you want to “lighten” your sandwich up. More calories than I would typically consume for breakfast for sure, but if I was going to go, I was going all out so I ordered sausage.


The Sausage Pretzel Breakfast Sandwich comes with eggs, sausage, American and Swiss cheese on an Auntie Anne’s soft pretzel roll. It came out looking warm and fresh but a little on the greasy side but I think that was because everything was so fresh on it. If you look at the paper underneath the sandwich you can see the extra liquid.


Taste of the sandwich was great. Pretzel added a nice chew to the sandwich but not too much to make it hard to eat. One downfall I would mention would be with the two pieces of cheese and the little extra grease, the insides of the sandwich wanted to move around when you ate. Still, taste was great and overcame those obstacles pretty easily. If you are a fan of pretzels, you will enjoy this one!

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