Taco Bell Steak Doubledilla


Today I noticed something new on the Taco Bell menu so, of course, I had to try it for you. The Doubledilla was here and could be purchased in both chicken and a steak option with an order of chips and salsa for $4.99. Today, I went with the Steak Doubledilla and made it into a combo for $6.39.


The Doubledilla arrive in a “fancy-ish” box with the Doubledilla folded over inside and your order of chips and salsa. Box could barely close with everything piled in so that was a good sign that you were going to get a decent amount of food for your $5.

First thing I noticed today was that Taco Bell had got rid of the Verde sauce. I always thought it had pretty decent flavor and would use it usually every time. I thought it was a good alternative to spicy if there was someone who wanted to add a condiment but didn’t want to add spice.I’m sure there are some people out there this is going to enrage but at least luckily for me, I like the have a new one to try! Diablo sauce didn’t say it contained anything spicy on the ingredients but actually brought both a good flavor and some heat to the item. If  you like a little kick, it was a good addition to their sauces!

Doubledilla did have a nice amount of meat inside. It was hot and fresh and very meaty and cheesy.  It is a very good upgrade over the regular chicken and steak quesadillas being traditionally served. Anytime you get those, it always feels like just a few pieces of meat and a lot of shell and is never that filling. The Doubledilla with chips and salsa is a meal. A real meal.  I was skeptic at first, but it was very enjoyable and very filling!

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