Panda Express Pacific Chili Shrimp


Panda Express is a Fast Casual Dining Restaurant that is currently featuring new Pacific Chili Shrimp. The premium shrimp comes with fresh veggies in a house-made ginger garlic chili sauce. For the rest of my meal, I got teriyaki chicken and split my side between fried rice and mixed vegetables.

The Pacific Chili Shrimp was excellent. It had a nice flavor and little kick to it.  Best of all was the portion size.  I got a good helping that included 7 shrimp so that part was well work the money! The vegetables that came with the shrimp were cooked well and had good taste. The teriyaki chicken also came with a large helping of chicken, and they threw on a scoop of teriyaki sauce on top of it as well.

The sides were less than enjoyable. Fried rice was dry and didn’t really have any flavor. Luckily, I had the teriyaki sauce that I was able to shift into my rice to give it some flavor. The vegetables were very boring. I love veggies from Chinese restaurants and will typically my favorite part of the meal. In this case, the vegetables were bland, tasteless, and could have used some additional knife work.  There were pretty large pieces of cabbage, broccoli and zucchini and without a real knife, it was hard to eat.

The reason for picking Panda Express was for my 3 year old. We were enjoying a daddy-daughter date day and she picked Chinese for lunch.  Kids meal was $5 and came with a Jr. entrée, a side, a drink and a cookie. She got the String Bean Chicken with a half side of chow mien and half side of fried rice. She enjoyed most of her meal as well but didn’t like the large pieces of cabbage in the chow mien. Good healthy serving of food for a kid’s meal.

Overall, the Entrees were great but the sides were undesirable and could use some improvement.

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