Dairy Queen Pacific Cod Sandwich


This sandwich has been sitting on the DQ menu for a couple of months now but I hadn’t had a chance to order it yet. Lent has come and gone and this was still hanging around so I figured it was going to be leaving soon so I gave it a chance today. It only came with lettuce and tartar sauce so I added tomato to the sandwich for $.25. If you know my McDonalds McChicken review, I like to add tomato when I can. I think it makes for a more filing and enjoyable sandwich.

Where’s the lettuce???

After a long wait to get the my meal, I figured that just maybe they were dropping one of these fresh.  It’s probably not an often ordered item so maybe they needed to get one in the fryer to get it to me. I was thinking to myself “I’m gonna burn the hell out of my mouth as soon as I bite into this smoking hot piece of cod”. Whenever the sandwich arrived and I opened it up, there was nothing hot and fresh about it.  Sandwich was barely warm and contained pretty much no lettuce at all.  There was very sad looking tartar sauce that was all glopped on one side of the sandwich.  I like each bite tasting like the next and this sandwich was not gonna be that way.


There isn’t much good I can say about this sandwich. If it wasn’t the tomato, it would have been a boring piece of fish with no condiments (except for one extreme bite of tartar sauce) on a dry bun.  Unfortunately for me, this sandwich was hugely disappointing and I won’t do it again.  I’d definitely recommend sticking with the $5 lunch boxes from there instead!


One thought on “Dairy Queen Pacific Cod Sandwich

  1. HP

    This makes me sad! I worked at a Dairy Queen through my high school years (1999-2003ish) and the fish sandwiches were always my favorite. I used to eat them on my shift most days – and yes, always with tomato!


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