Taco Bell Steak Quesalupa


Taco Bell started the quesalupa craze during a 30 second spot for Super Bowl 50 in which Taco Bell shelled out nearly $5 million bucks to promote this new item. Will it be worth the money spent on advertising? Time will only tell for Taco Bell.


I purchased a Steak Quesalupa as a combo and it came with a regular taco and a drink for like $6. The Quesalupa is essentially two flour tortillas sandwiched together with pepperjack cheese stuffed in the middle.  It has the consistency of their Chalupa shell but with the cheese stuffed in the middle it has the makings of a Quesadilla.  In turn, The Quesalupa was born.


Their entire ad is centered around pulling this item apart and seeing all the gooey melted cheese in the middle.  It did pull apart and represent the commercial pretty well but I don’t think it quite hit the mark taste wise.  I found the shell to be a little odd and the cheese really didn’t add much flavor to it.  I would have been just as content with a normal Chalupa shell.

I wasn’t impressed with the quesalupa and to me it didn’t live up to the hype.  It just made me wish I would have just ordered the Taco Bell Steak Doubledilla instead!

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