Hardee’s Big Hot Ham ‘n’ Cheese


The Big Hot Ham ‘n’ Cheese is one of the “low calorie” options on the Hardee’s menu that is actually still a good sized sandwich. 14 pieces of sliced ham and 2 pieces of melted Swiss cheese make up this sandwich on a new fresh baked bun. I got this as a combo and so I added curly fries and an iced tea for right around $7.


Sandwich was pretty good as well, especially on the new bun. Cheese was nice and melted and was nicely layered between pieces of sliced ham. Only problem with the sandwich was that most of the ham is piled up on the middle. Middle bites are too thick and the outer bites are nothing but bun. I would prefer more consistency throughout each bite.

As far as my sides, curly fries were old and I was given a cola instead of an iced tea. What a shock that initial drink was thinking I was getting an unsweetened tea but got sugary coke instead. I bought this to go so I couldn’t really get either thing fixed. Just made me wish I would have just got the sandwich because the extra money I spent on the combo wasn’t worth it.

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