Dairy Queen Royal Oreo w/ Fudge Blizzard


My Kryptonite? Ice cream! Man I love me some ice cream and around here it doesn’t get much better than a Dairy Queen blizzard. There was a time I was downing a couple large blizzards a week but nowadays it very few and far between and are saved only as a special treat. The Royal Blizzards are able to be purchased three different ways. Oreo with a fudge center, New York Cheesecake with a Strawberry Center, and Rocky Road Brownie Blizzard with a Marshmallow center.

Rocky Road made me curious, but I wanted to try this with my old favorite. Oreo! From as young as I can remember, the Oreo Blizzard was always my go-to. My father loved them and so I wanted to be just like him and eat them too. When DQ added cheesecake to these, they took these to an amazing level. Would inserting a fudge core in the middle of an Oreo Blizzard do the same? Keep reading to find out!

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As I said before, this blizzard contained Oreo cookies blended with creamy vanilla soft serve then filled with a perfectly paired fudge center. It took awhile for me to work my way down to where any of the fudge was and when I got there, it didn’t really seems like there was a lot of it. For paying more money for this special blizzard, I expected more. The Fudge core was good but to me, it’s not the best thing that DQ has ever done. I would much rather do the regular Oreo Cheesecake blizzard over this one.

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