Taco Bell Sausage Grande Scrambler


Today is one of the rarities for me where I’m having a fast food meal for breakfast. My little girl likes tacos very much so what more of a treat for her to get to have a taco for breakfast!

Today I tried for you the Taco Bell Sausage Grande Scrambler. It’s available in Steak or Bacon as well. The Scrambler is…    essentially a breakfast burrito that loaded with all the typical ingredients but with a few “Mexican” ingredients added. It contains your meat of choice, egg, potatoes, shredded cheese, nacho cheese, pico de gallo and reduced fat sour cream. I’ll admit that I did order this without the sour cream because I just couldn’t do that with breakfast items. I’m not a huge fan of sour cream in the first place and so it was hard for me to want to add this to a breakfast item.


From initial view of the Scrambler, it actually looked pretty good. Everything was mixed together nicely. My hopes of Taco Bell breakfast being worth while were actually pretty low going in. I just didn’t think it was going to be that good and it really was nothing special. The Scrambler had all the items that you would want in a breakfast burrito except one thing…meat. I didn’t feel like there was much meat to speak of on it. I must have cut right through one of the biggest sausage crumbles because they were few and far between.

The Scrambler was mainly egg…like.. fake egg. Bland and tasteless egg. The Scrambler was cheesy.. but not overly cheesy. The surprising item to me was the tomato in the pico de gallo. It actually added a nice sweetness to the Scrambler and was really though only thing in it to add any taste. I was going to try to do is sauceless, but I had to add some taco sauce to it to get it a little more flavor.

As previously stated, my hopes going in were not that high so I didn’t really leave disappointed but that wasn’t because of the Grande Scrambler. If you were to try Taco Bell breakfast, you might want to stick with the Cinnabon Delights. I got a two pack of them for my daughter as her side for her flatbread quesadilla, and they were the best thing I ate. Good enough I got a 2 pack for myself on the way out the door. They were dessert, disguised as breakfast, disguised as dessert…But it worked! At 80 calories each though, be careful how many you pop!

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