Papa Murphy’s S’mores Dessert Pizza


Well Happy Birthday to me. No cake for me this year, but I do get to try some dessert. I just got a lovely S’mores Dessert Pizza out of the oven from Papa Murphy’s Pizza. 12 minutes at 425 and this baby popped out of the oven.

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S’mores Pizza baked up wonderfully. Crust hardened.. Chocolate melted. Marshmallows puffed up and browned on the top. After the longest 5 minutes ever (waiting  for it to set up), I finally got to carve into this beast and have a taste of my own. First bite was filled with gooey chocolaty goodness. Next bite is when I noticed the rolled oats. They were a little strange to me. When I have a S’mores, I think of graham cracker so I found the rolled oats to be a little off.  I charged on though and got used to them after a couple bites.

All in all, I thought the dessert pizza was missing a little something like to give it more of that graham cracker taste and feel, but it was still pretty good in the end. I’m curious to see how leftovers of this is going to warm up in the microwave.  I don’t think there will be any issues!

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