Palermo Pizza & Subs Stromboli (Hannibal, MO)


Palermo Pizza opened in Hannibal, MO about a year and a half ago. The Palermo family left their native India and settled in Italy for close to a decade. There, Badahur Palermo learned all about the Italian cuisine and brought his knowledge to America’s Home Town in late 2014. They serve a wide variety of food as you can see from the menu ranging from Pizza, Italian subs, gyro’s, Philly cheese steaks, and are now features Indian Curries.

I was in and spoke with the owner who is a very nice guy. You can tell he is very happy to be in Hannibal and have his restaurant open. I asked him what the top selling item was that wasn’t a pizza and he told me the Stromboli so that’s what I’m trying for you today.

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The Stromboli is served two different ways. One all meat and the other which is more like a supreme pizza. That is the one I chose for you today. The Stromboli is a rolled pizza that comes with Pepperoni, Sausage, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Onions, and Mozzarella Cheese. Mozzarella Cheese is the last listed ingredient but it’s what the Stromboli mainly consisted of.  It’s not often you hear some thing have too much cheese but this could be it. You really had to be careful of your bites because it was easy to get a large hunk of the cheese and that can make it very hard to chew and/or a choking hazard. If you are going to make a trip to Palermo, I hope you like Mozzarella because you are going to get a heaping amount.

Besides that, taste was great and very authentic. As soon as you see this thing you are going to think HOLY STROMBOLI! It’s a sandwich.. but it also a meal all in itself. The bread was great and had held up well to the mass amount of topping stuffed into this sandwich. After slicing it open and letting it cool off, you could easily pick up the sandwich, dip it in your marinara, and take a bite. Stromboli also comes with a knife and a fork if you want to try to be civilized about it but there was no one else in there at the time to watch me so I went with my best 2 utensils, my hands!

Great little local joint, and I’d recommend everyone to try it out.

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