Wendy’s Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad


In my opinion, Wendy’s has been one of the few fast food joints that going offer a salad and actually do it well. Their fresh-made salads are from hand chopped romaine and are prepared fresh in their stores everyday. Today I’m trying for you the Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad. These are available in full or half sizes and come with grilled chicken. Of course, with any of the Wendy’s salads though, you can sub the grilled chicken for their home-style chicken breast or their spicy chicken breast for no additional charge!

The Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad is the nutrient-rich, protein-packed fuel you need to power through your day. Your choice of chicken teams up with a savory ensemble of feta cheese, hummus, and sun-dried tomato quinoa blend to take this salad to the next level. There is a whopping 40 grams of protein in this one salad.

First thing I see with this salad is the absolutely wonderful presentation. Chicken was diced into small pieces. Feta was nice large hunks that were equally crumbled across the salad, along with the bacon and quinoa. Hummus was perfectly drizzled across the top of the salad as well. You almost didn’t even need a salad dressing with the hummus on the salad. Salad also had a few adders that I didn’t expect since they weren’t listed on the ingredient list but the tomatoes, red onion, and northern beans really added an extra taste to the salad. I did have to grab a knife to cut up the red onions a bit, but besides that I was by far impressed with the presentation and the equal distribution of ingredients.


Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad came with this light balsamic vinaigrette made by Marzetti. I’ve always thought Marzetti in particular does a good job at packing in a lot of flavor into their light and fat-free dressing and this one was no different. This dressing is a good way to eat light and not compromise taste and was a great pairing with Wendy’s Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad.

Overall, I was very impressed with this salad. Great taste. Great presentation. Good fast service from our local Wendy’s that has had its struggles in the past. It absolutely made you think you were getting a salad from Panera Bread. It’s hard to believe that such a high quality salad came from fast food joint that specializes in fresh, never frozen hamburger patties. It’s always great to have a healthy alternative that actually tastes good too!  Kudos to Wendy’s!

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