Papa Murphy’s Battle of the Cheesy Bread

Thick n cheesy bread updated (1)

Photo courtesy of Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Everyone loves cheesy bread, and this is going to be a fun review that is pairing two of Papa Murphy’s sides against one another. Papa Murphy’s serves up cheesy bread two different ways. The first is their regular thin crust cheesy bread and the second part of this review will be the Papa Murphy’s Thick ‘n’ Cheesy home baked bread. Thick vs thin.. who’s gonna win?

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Each of these breads are prepared a little different. The thin crust cheesy bread is unlike many other Papa Murphy’s items as it only needs to be baked at 400 instead of their typical 425. Their thin cheesy bread is shaped like a pizza and is pre-cut into slices already. To my surprise, after you remove the included marinara sauce from the center, there was actually a hole cut in the middle of the cheesy bread for the container. It was unexpected and made me do a double-take at first.

The bread seemed to cook up well in the oven. I took it out, let it rest a minute, and tried to pull a slice off but it wouldn’t go. I thought that since it was pre-cut, it was going to be easy to tear apart, but that wasn’t the case.  I had to get out the pizza cutter and try to find the pre-cut lines and carve out my slices. Unfortunately, a lot of the cheese stuck together and the bread and the pizza crust seemed like they were two separate entities. So that was a little bit of a disappointment.

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Papa Murphy’s Thick ‘n’ Cheesy Bread features a 1/4 pound of cheese and is baked like more other Papa Murphy’s items at 425.. hence their #LoveAt425. For this item, you have to make sure to grab the marinara sauce out of the case next to the Thick ‘n’ Cheesy bread as tt doesn’t come inside the package like the thin version does. That can be a little tricky for a first timer grabbing this item from the cold case.

This Thick ‘n’ Cheesy home baked bread cooked up wonderfully. This item is not pre-cut but that still doesn’t leave a little confusion. Since its so thick, do you cut it inside the container it comes in or do you take it out? Do you use a pizza cutter or do you try to use a long knife? I’m not really sure what the proper etiquette is here but I moved it to a cutting board and used a pizza cutter to cut it into cheese sticks.

The Thick ‘n’ Cheesy version was definitely my favorite way to eat Papa Murphy’s Cheesy Bread. Since the thin crust variety separated into to a cheese layer and into crust layer, it really lost something to me. I really enjoyed the thickness of the Thick ‘n’ Cheesy as it was a much better chew and was by far more enjoyable to me. A small downfall on both though is their container of marinara sauce wasn’t quite enough. We were able to get through about half of a cheesy bread to one container of sauce. I’d recommend you pick up and extra sauce to go along with it so you aren’t left without for your 2nd half of your cheesy bread.

My favorite was the thick, but you should try out these Cheesy Breads for yourself and tell us which one you liked. Also, make sure to tell @PapaMurphys that Avoiding Blowout sent you their way!

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