Taco Bell Steak Flatbread Sandwich


The Flatbreads have returned to Taco Bell so of course I’m excited for the chance to get to review another item! These were around a few years back for a limited time but Taco Bell has brought them back for their summer special. Available for just $1.49, you can choose between steak or chicken and then it’s wrapped in a warm flatbread along with creamy chipotle sauce and three-cheese blend. They can also be purchased in a $5 box that contains a flatbread, a burrito supreme and a hard or soft taco and that is what I did for you today.


First impression of the flatbread was a disappointing one. When I opened it up, it wasn’t nearly as full as it looked in the picture and everything was just right in the middle. You can tell by looking at this thing is that it’s going to be multiple empty bites on the edges and a couple worth while bites right in the middle. I went ahead and spread around what steak was there for a more consistent bite throughout, but there still wasn’t very much. I’d much rather see this thing be a little more than $1.49 and have more stuff in it. Give me a chance to add some rice, some potato, some pico or something in here to give this a little substance. It really makes me wish Taco Bell had peppers and onion as ingredients. Taste of this wasn’t bad at all but there just wasn’t anything to it. It’s no wonder it’s only weighing in at just 310 calories for this.wp-1465646451487.jpg

This may sound funny but this is my first time ever having the Burrito Supreme, and I wasn’t impressed. It was hard to tell the difference in the beans and the taco meat as they basically just mushed together. This also had lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream on it, but with that many cold ingredients, the cold overtook the hot and wasn’t very warm to eat. With the coldness and the odd textured meat/bean consistently, it was not a very appetizing burrito and I doubt I ever do it again.

For me, this was a disappointing trip to Taco Bell. If you feel the need to Live Mas, I suggest you order something else other than this on your next trip across the border!

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