Woods Smoked Meats Chicken Sandwich (Bowling Green, MO)


There is a good chance that today’s review is going to be a place that you may not have ever heard of. There is a small local joint in Bowling Green, MO that specializes in smoked meats. Wood’s Smoked Meats has been in the smoked meats business for over 60 years. Their “SWEET BETSY from PIKE” brand smoked meats has won over 500 state, national and international awards. When you have a packaged product this good, why not make lunch for the locals to be able to stop in and enjoy?

There is no place inside to sit down, but there are a couple picnic tables that you can sit at outside. It was a hot day, but it didn’t bother me! There were several items to choose from between the pork tenderloin, pork steak, pork burger, and also many cold sandwiches. It also looks like they run a special every day during the week so there are always different items to choose from each day. Today I tried for you the chicken sandwich.

They had 2 different buns to choose from, a ciabatta bun and a new Jalapeno Bun. Any time I see the word new, I’ve got to go for it. You can top your sandwich with 2 pieces of cheese (there were about 5 different cheeses to choose from by the way) and lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and jalapenos and whatever condiment you want. All for no extra charge! For around $5.25, I received this monstrous chicken sandwich. Need a side? They have pasta salad that you can add to your meal too. They also have a wide range of chips, beef sticks, jerkies, desserts, and drinks that you can choose from as well.

First thing to say about the sandwich is the size. They must get some good size chickens in Pike County Missouri because this thing was huge! The chicken was juicy, and the cheese melted right onto the sandwich beautifully. With all the toppings you can add to this, it was more than a mouthful to try to squeeze in. The bun was great as well. Soft and moist but still had a nice chew to it as well. Very impressed with the sandwich!

If you ever find your way traveling down Hwy 61 in Eastern Missouri, make sure to stop in at Wood’s Smoked Meats off of Bus Hwy 54 in Bowling Green. You wont be disappointed and you’ll see yourself stopping in again!

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