Little Caesar’s $5 Lunch Combo


Little Caeser’s has arrived back in Hannibal, MO so I had to give this a try for myself. Over the last couple of days since it’s opened, the evenings have been a madhouse if you have wanted to get a Hot-N-Ready Pepperoni Pizza or Cheesy Bread. I did the smart thing. For me to try it out, I went at lunch time where the lines so far have been much shorter! Today I am trying for you the Little Caeser’s $5 Lunch Combo. You get 4 slices of Deep Dish Pepperoni and a 20 oz drink all for just $5.


First impressions were that the pizza looked a little sloppy but it was about what I’d expect. On the first bite into the pizza, I was hit with the wonderful taste of the charred pepperoni. Now, I’m not saying that in a negative by any means! I enjoy that burnt and crispy pepperoni taste so it was a great first bite for me. I love the thick crust version of this pizza as well. Bottom had a good chew and the outside crust that was touching the deep dish pan had a good flavor on it already. Just going to get better as the new pans get broke in and seasoned too!


The other thing I noticed was the sauce. Sauce was good tasting, but there was either too much it or not enough. The middle of the pizza had so much sauce that it overtook the flavor of the cheese and pepperoni. Then, the outer portions of the pizza was all crust and no sauce.  This wasn’t a fault of the pizza by any means but more so the preparation. The store hasn’t been open a week so I’m sure it’s a bug that will be worked out.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, I’d recommend stopping in.  4 pieces of pizza is a lot as thick as this is so you have to have an appetite if you are going to finish this whole thing. I could easily see this being shared with two people. Hot and Ready pizza for $5.. can’t beat that!

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