County Market Chicken Tenders


County Market can be a great place to enjoy a quick sit down lunch if you are ever by one. They always have a wide range of choices and a menu that changes daily so there are always new things to try so you don’t repeat yourself. I have previously reviewed and enjoyed County Market’s Grilled Chicken so today I will be trying another one of their best selling items, their chicken tenders.

Chicken Tenders are sold in a meal with 2 sides for around $6. Sometimes, County Market runs these tenders on sale for $1 a piece and those are the money times to purchase these bad boys. My tenders today wasn’t as big as they have been in the past. There are days that tenders can be huge so be on the look out for that when you are in. The tenders can be paired with BBQ sauce, Buffalo sauce, Honey Mustard or Sweet and Sour, just to name a few.

The tenders had a nice crunchy crust and were always juicy inside. With a nice large piece of breast meat, they could be prone to drying out but County Market knows what they are doing on this one because these tenders were nice and juicy. The best part is even though they were deep fried AND juicy at that, they were not the least greasy. That’s a pleasant surprise to find them virtually grease-less so it doesn’t feel like you are downing a bunch of fat in your lunch.

There are also endless sides to choose from as well as you can pair this with any of their warm sides or any of their cold pasta sides such as potato salad or slaw. If you find yourself in at County Market for lunch and trying their Chicken Strips, you’ll leave happy!


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