Dairy Queen Chicken Bruschetta


A short time back, Dairy Queen added the Chicken Bruschetta sandwich to its DQ Bakes line. The Bruschetta is an Italian inspired sandwich featuring grilled chicken breast slices, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, freshly chopped tomatoes seasoned with Italian herbs, and a tangy balsamic glaze. The sandwich is served hot from the over on a basil cheese focaccia roll. The Bruschetta preformed very well in DQ test markets so I was anxious to give it a try.


Out of the gate, sandwich looked pretty good and the first bite backed up that obervation. You could tell the Balsamic glaze was definitely the star of the show on this one. The chicken was fresh and juicy and you also got a good amount of lettuce and tomato on the sandwich. I loved the bread as it had a nice flavor to it but most of all, it had the perfect consistency. It was soft and warm but still had a great bite and chew to it, but most impressively, it held up well to the amount of balsamic glaze that was on the sandwich. The taste of the sandwich was wonderful and could have been top notch if not for a few flaws.


The biggest flaw of the sandwich was that it was pretty messy. As you can see from the picture, the glaze was all over. It was dropping off the sandwich onto my table, onto my wrapper, and onto my shirt. This could have been a preparation flaw. Maybe I just got too much on mine, but it did add a degree of difficulty to the consumption. Another thing that I didn’t care for was that the chicken was sliced up. With the chicken being sliced, if you took a bite off the sandwich, a piece of chicken wanted to fall off the other side of the sandwich. I would have much rather preferred this having been 1 solid piece of chicken breast instead of 5 slices of chicken breast. The sandwich could have held together a lot better if that was the case. Trying to hold chicken slices on your sandwich with the amount of balsamic really got your hands messy. Four or five napkins were too much to have to use on one sandwich.

At 470 calories, it was a pretty hearty and filling sandwich for a “healthy” alternative. A couple small modifications and this could be a great sandwich.

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