Papa Murphy’s Stuffed 5 Meat

wp-1464978304207.jpgYes.. I’m already back to Papa Murphy’s!  I had never had Papa Murphy’s before my review blog started a couple months ago, but I’ve made yet another return trip. It’s such a great concept that you can make your pizza exactly the way you want it. You pick your crust.. your sauce.. your toppings.. AND you get to bake it to whatever doneness you want! Since my first trip there, I’ve been eyeing up their stuffed pizza and so that is finally what I got to try for you today.

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There are 4 different signature Stuffed Pizzas available.. Chicago Style, Chicken & Bacon, Big Murphy and the 5 meat which is the style I tried for you today. This pizza has 2 layers of big flavor: Mozzarella Cheese, Traditional Pizza Sauce, and 5 Meats. The meats included are Canadian Bacon, Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, and Ground Beef.

I was a little scared at first that this one wasn’t gonna cook right. It’s got all these meat on it, two layers of dough and topped with cheese. This is a pretty stout pie! But I was wrong! This pizza cooked up flawless. The crust was a beautiful golden brown and cheese was melted to perfection. After I cut in and removed a slice, pizza held together wonderfully and had a great taste. With all the meats, there were several flavors going on and all were amazing! There is nothing to worry about with Papa Murphy’s pizzas that the crust is going to be too hard but toppings aren’t done. It’s been perfectly cooked every time for me.

Not that this is a real negative by any means, but the pizza was actually a lot thicker than I thought it was going to be. In the promo picture, you could see the 2 layers but this one cooks up even larger than in the picture. You could easily feed a small family off this one pizza or if it’s just for a couple, be prepared for delicious leftovers. This pizza cold out of the fridge the next day was just as good!

Make sure to try this one out and let PapaMurphys know Avoiding Blowout sent you their way!


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