Big Muddy BBQ Pork Steak Dinner


It’s been nearly 2 years since Big Muddy BBQ opened in downtown Hannibal, MO. It was the one big that Hannibal was missing as they have no true BBQ joints in town. Big Muddy BBQ is only 4 blocks from the river so just a short walk away for tourists looking for a bite to eat. They are serving up Smoked Ribs, Pork Steaks, Chicken, and Brisket in a smoker large enough to do 400 pounds at a time. Today I am having for you the pork steak dinner.


The meaty pork steaks are only for those with a heavy appetite. Cut 1 1/4 inches thick, these are a whopping piece of meat to try to tackle alone. Pork Steaks are served as a dinner with 2 side dishes such as potato salad, baked beans, or slaw, among other choices. Today I had the my dinner with baked beans and candied yams. Beans were hot but not my favorite I’ve ever had. I like a baked bean that’s a little thicker sauced with more sweetness and BBQ flavor. The candied yams were great, and this is coming from someone who is not a huge fan on sweet potato varieties. These though had a great cinnamon and brown sugar taste that sent these over the wall.  Good taste.. and good texture!


As I prefer, meats are served dry and you can add sauce if you wish. Two sauces are served table side. One I’ll call a sweet ‘n’ tangy and the other is the hot sauce. Hot sauce had lots of kick to it. If you do not like spice, I warn you.. do not try! It’s actually nice to see something that when someone calls hot.. and it actually be hot! Good job Big Muddy on bringing the heat when someone requests it. I actually enjoyed a third secret sauce the most. I just mixed the two together for dipping the pork steak in.  You got some sweet and you got some heat and that was my favorite way to try to attack my pound of pork steak.


As I mentioned before, pork steak was 1 1/4 inch thick. From the coloring it looked like they were heavily rubbed in paprika The meat wasn’t really that smoky tasting which can be both good at bad. Meat was tender and most importantly the fat was nice and rendered. I would have preferred a little more smoke taste and some bites were a little dry but you can dip it in the sauce to add a little more flavor if you need.

I’m definitely glad to see there was no artificial smoke flavor being added to the meats. That’s a perfect way to ruin a good piece of pig.. and ruin the rest of your day with indigestion. The only belly aching here was trying to finish the whole meal. If you get the pork steak, prepare for a to-go box! Meals are available for eat in, carryout or even delivery. Service was also very quick as well so a good spot to stop in for lunch time. Check out Big Muddy BBQ in downtown Hannibal.

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