Dairy Queen Breakfast -Vandalia, MO


Today I’m going to be trying for you Dairy Queen Breakfast. What? Dairy Queen serves breakfast you might say? Ya it was news to me too! I didn’t know they had it available so when I saw it I had to put it on the agenda to try some time. I saw this was available at a DQ in Vandalia, MO awhile back so we made the Father’s Day trip to Vandalia so we could check this out.


I’ll start off with the biscuits and gravy. To me, it’s going to be hard to beat say Bob Evans biscuits and gravy or maybe the Hardee’s version from the fast food world. First impression was there is a huge amount of gravy on these and the gravy was kinda thin and milky. When I initially got this, I forgot that DQ has gravy on their dinner menu with their chicken strip basket. I initially thought that this had to be a different gravy, but I’m sure it’s the same served at with the chicken strip basket.

Taste of the gravy was actually fairly non-existent. This was just plain gravy with no sausage or anything added. Gravy could have used some more pepper that could have added to the taste and also I think it could have used being cooked a little longer to cook and brown up that flour which could have added a little more depth of flavor to the gravy.


Sausage and egg biscuit was pretty plain Jane too. Biscuit was alright but fell apart as you ate this. Egg was cooked well and you got a good amount of it. I just don’t think it added a whole heck of a lot of flavor to it. The sausage was the main thing that you tasted on this sandwich and that was a good thing because the sausage was pretty flavorful. I really think that this sandwich would have been a lot better if it would have had a piece of cheese on it. I think it would have made the sandwich hold together a little bit better plus just the added flavor of the slice of cheese.


The best thing I ate this morning was the pancakes and sausage platter. These pancakes were light and fluffy and cooked perfectly. They could have probably used a little vanilla or something in the dough that could have made these great. Sausage patties were fresh but a little greasy. After letting them drain out on a napkin for a few moments, they were much better to eat and were very enjoyable. I was very happy with the pancakes and sausage. Add a side of scrambled eggs to these, and it would have been a great all around breakfast dish.

Dairy Queen breakfast surely wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever had but for going over 30 years of my life not even knowing it existed made me anxious to try. If you happen to see a DQ serving breakfast, I hope you can give it a try!

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