Tower Pizza & Mexican (Quincy, IL)


Today, I made my first trip to a well known Quincy establishment that has been serving up both pizza and Mexican dishes to the Gem City for several years. In theory, it sounds like a best case scenario for a family that can’t every decide on eating just one thing. Appetizers, Pizzas, Mexican food, salads and cold beer; you should be able to find something you like to eat here!


I wanted to be able to sample a little bit from both sides of the menu so I chose a Mexican appetizer and an Italian main course. I bestow upon you Tower’s Nachos. Fresh fried corn chips topped with beef, smothered with fresh refried beans and zesty cheese sauce, and then topped with tomatoes, green onions, and jalapenos. The order we got is the full size but be prepared because this plate of nachos was huge.

Flavor of these were alright but to me there was an issue that really overpowered the nachos. Now usually you would take this as a good thing but there was a huge amount of beef on these nachos. It really surprised me. I would actually go as far as saying too much because it really threw off the toppings to chip ratio. I think there was enough toppings for double the amount of chips. Another negative on these were the tomatoes because they were cut into huge hunks. I would have preferred lot smaller pieces so they could have been spread out over the bites a little more evenly.


Pizza arrived as soon as we were finished with the appetizer. We tried pizza two different ways. One thick and one thin. And also one specialty pizza and one classic preparation. On the left you have a thick crust Hot Wing Pizza and a Thin Crust Sausage & Pepperoni on the right.

Hot Wing pizza is exactly what you would expect it to be. Breaded chicken drenched in hot wing sauce and topped with cheese, served with bleu cheese or ranch. I liked the thick crust better. Pizza was solid and held together well. The taste gave you the feeling of eating a mild hot wing but wasn’t by any means overpoweringly spicy. You got enough sense of the heat but it was alright for most people to be able to have a slice. I wish the chicken pieces would have either been a little smaller and spread out more or that there would have just been more of them. I felt like most bites were just wing sauce and cheese and every once in a while you would get a large hunk of the breaded chicken.

I really expected a lot more out of this thin crust sauce and pepperoni. It came out looking great. A little greasy on the top but that was mainly pepperoni grease that you get with any pizza with it on it. First piece we tried was a corner piece and it was alright because it was small and mainly the outer crust. The rest of the pizza though could have used some more time in the oven because it was a soggy mess. It had good flavor but just hard to eat. We sampled a few of the harder pieces but barely touched that pizza and just took it home to where we could “reheat” leftovers in the oven and then it would cook and harden up the crust the rest of the way.

Overall, our service was great. Waitress was friendly and was around several times to bring extra napkins and drink refills. After seeing how busy this place has been on several occasions and how much you hear locals talk about it, I really expected better food. We thought about saying something to the waitress to have it remade but when you have a hungry three year old, that is wanting that pizza its hard to do. It likely would have taken 20 minutes for that pizza to be redone, and we just didn’t want to wait on that to happen. If you try out Tower Pizza and Mexican in Quincy, IL, I hope your experience is better than ours!

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