Game On Sports Bar & Grill


Game On Sports Bar & Grill has been open in Hannibal, MO for a couple of years now. Game On is a straight forward sports bar with comfy office chairs, serving burgers & American fare. There are several large flat screen TV’s and many beers on tap so I can see where this could be an enjoyable place to watch the game and have a cold brew. There is also an outdoor patio area plus a sand volleyball pit and a wiffleball field that get used for tournaments from time to time.


Today, I got both an appetizer and a main dish. For the appetizer round, we got a the Grand Slam Nachos. Grand Slam Nachos include your choice of seasoned ground beef, pulled pork, or chicken, served over chips with two kinds of cheese, tomatoes, green onions, sour creme and jalapenos. One in our group wasn’t a fan of tomatoes so you can see it’s missing that ingredient but the nachos are served with a side of salsa so you can easily get your tomato fix from the most popular condiment in the world.

If anything, these nachos were the exact opposite of the nachos I received the other day from Tower Pizza & Mexican in Quincy, IL. Those were loaded down with too much meat and toppings and this version could have used a little more. You got many chips off this that didn’t have much of anything on it so that salsa really had to come in handy from time to time. Flavor was good.. cheese was good, just needed more of the toppings so every chip got something.


For my main course, I got the Game On Prime Shoe which was one of their featured items. It included shaved signature prime rib served open faced, topped with grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, lattice fries and smothered with cheese sauce. If you have ever had a Central Illinois horseshoe, this is a lot smaller version of it, maybe more like a pony shoe size but still at a horseshoe price. This shoe since it included shaved prime rib rang in at just under $11.

There was plenty of prime rib on here and a good amount of mushrooms and onions. Where this was lacking was in the amount of french fries. That’s something pretty rare on a horseshoe as you usually get too many fries and don’t want to finish them. Or if you do, you just want to hide away somewhere and take a nap the rest of the day. This only included 4-5 (large mind you) waffle fries, but there just wasn’t enough fry to go around for the rest of the ingredients. This shoe was loaded down with cheese and there was plenty of extra in the end. Again, with more fries, I think this would have been a pretty good shoe, especially for the premium price you are paying for it.

Overall, service was good. Joint wasn’t too busy for a lunch time and the server was friendly and did a good job with us. The group left satisfied but another scoop of meat on the nachos and double the fries, and I think it would have been very delightful feast. Game On in Hannibal is located off Munger Ln. Stop in and check this one out!

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