Long John Silvers Coastal Cod Sandwich


If you have seen Long John Silver’s social media at all over the last few weeks, they have been heavily promoting this new Coastal Cod Sandwich. This is an Alaskan Cod Sandwich that is lightly breaded in panko breadcrumbs and cooked to golden perfection. The Cod is served on a premium style bun with pickle slices and tartar sauce. I got my Cod sandwich as a combo so it came with a side and a drink. As usual at LJS, I went with a healthier side to pair up against the deep fried Cod fillet and man they gave me a healthy portion of green beans which I was happy to see!

With all the promotional details I’ve seen over the last few weeks, its been hard to wait this long to try it out for myself. When this arrived at my table, the first thing you notice is it kinda looks a little plain. You could see a couple of pickles hanging off over the edges, along with some tartar sauce but it’s really just a piece of fish on a bun.


As I was cutting through this sandwich, the first thing I noticed was the bun wasn’t toasted or warm by any means. If anything, it had a chill to it like they jsut pulled it outof a cooler so I found that to be a little odd. From the above picture of the middle, you can barely see and of the pickles or tartar sauce so it gives you a good perspective of the plainness of this sandwich. In LJS defense though, a thick cut piece of cod and a thick premium bun probably didn’t leave much room for anymore ingredients.

First bite into this, you really got a feel for how think this sandwich actually was. It could barely fit in my mouth. The problem though, is there really wasn’t much taste to this sandwich at all. If it wasn’t for the few bites with the pickles, this sandwich was, unfortunately, virtually tasteless. It made me really with there was a piece of lettuce or a tomato or even take a play out of Mcdonalds playbook and add a piece of cheese to your fish sandwich. LJS thought they had a premium tasty piece of fish and wanted it to be the star of this show but I think they should have threw this one back because it really lacked any flavor

If you are still thinking about trying this sandwich, you can also check out this link to save $1 on your Coastal Cod Sandwich. If you think its bland, just remember that you were warned @AvoidingBlowout!

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