Sonic Sausage Breakfast Toaster


Sonic’s All Day Breakfast isn’t a new fad that they are trying to start like McDonald’s is doing. Sonic’s All Day Breakfast has been around a long time. The problem? I’ve just never been brave enough to try it for one reason and one reason only. My fear of fake egg! If you saw my Taco Bell Breakfast review, you know I was again haunted by the bland tasting and oddly textured fast food “fake egg”, and I have just never wanted to attempt it at Sonic.

The Breakfast Toaster Sandwich is served up 3 different ways with your choice of sausage, bacon or ham. Your favorite meat is piled on top of fluffy eggs and melted cheese on 2 pieces of thick cut Texas Toast. The streak of not having Sonic Breakfast has come to an end because I’m face to face with a Sausage Breakfast Toaster!


I figured they were going to have to prepare this order fresh since it was 6:15pm when I placed it but the wait time was not long at all. It made me wonder if they just had stuff sitting around in a warmer just waiting on a sucker like me to order a 6 PM breakfast sandwich. I got this order to-go so I had to wait til I got home to bust this out of the wrapper. To my surprise, this sandwich was still piping hot. I cut through the sandwich and to my amazement, the melted cheese oozed right out! Big Kudos for that to start off with.

This sandwich was amazing! Why have I never tried Sonic Breakfast before? Texas Toast was soft and warm. The cheese was melty. The sausage was tasty. And best of all, it actually tasted like real egg! I loved this sandwich and it might have been one of my favorite things that I’ve got from Sonic in forever. This was a great breakfast item that you can also get all day long. I highly recommend trying one of these for yourself!

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