Burger King Mac ‘n’ Cheetos


The next fast food craze has arrive at our local Burger King so of course I’ve got to try it out. It will be going for its national roll out on Monday so it’s a delight to see it in my small town Burger King before many other stores. In my opinion, Burger King struck out with their last big item, the Grilled whopper Dog. This time around, Burger King has sandwiched together two of Americas favorites, mac ‘n’ cheese and Cheetos and tried to create one delicious mashup. The Burger King Mac ‘n’ Cheetos! Taco Bell has netted over a billion dollars off of their Doritos Taco mashup so why wouldn’t other places try the same. Only time will only tell if they fair well with this new item.

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This item can be purchased for a 5 pack for $2.49. When I got these back to my table, I was definitely ready to dive in and check these babies out! The first thing you notice is that familiar neon orange Cheetos color and size. When you break it open, its loaded up with gooey mac ‘n’ cheese. Of course, tearing one of these open looks nothing like the promotional picture, but that’s to be expected. The mac doesn’t look near as fresh or creamy as it does in the first pic above and really just resembles puree mac and cheese. Lets have a go for it!

First bite, you right away get that Cheetos smell and taste so they did a good job at really matching that up for your taste buds. The mac and cheese that’s stuffed inside though isn’t the best, but that’s mainly due to the consistency being a little more mushy and not so much of a macaroni noodle. This isn’t my first rodeo with deep fried mac and cheese, and its safe to say that this isn’t the best version of it I’ve ever had. But still, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a worthy side item to get from a fast food joint.

Overall, it’s definitely a different concept and not something that has been done yet in the fast food industry. I think Burger Kind deserves from props for stepping out and trying something completely new like this. I really do think the Cheetos flavor came though well so if you are at all a fan of Cheetos, I think you will still really enjoy these!

The question I have for you.. what did you choose for dipping? Did you go with a cup of ranch? Did you go ketchup? Did you go dry? Comment back and let us know how you attacked the new Burger King Mac ‘n’ Cheetos!

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