Fiddlestiks Buffalo Chips


I’ve been on a nacho kick lately so I’m taking my kick to Fiddlestiks in Hannibal, MO to test out their version. I’m going to be trying for you today Fiddlestiks Buffalo Chips, which is their homemade potato chips, topped with buffalo chicken, diced tomatoes, green onions, jalapenos, apple wood smoked bacon bits, and shredded cheese. These are also served with a side of ranch dressing. These may be meant as an appetizer for a family, but tonight I’m calling this and a couple cold beers dinner. I’m ready to dig in!


I’ll first note that a big plus of these nachos are going to be that they are served with a homemade chip. That extra time and love to prepare and serve a homemade chip instead of store bought could really take these over the edge! On presentation alone, I think these look better than the other nachos that I’ve had lately. The meat is diced into fairly small pieces and really fills out the top of these nachos. The cheese is melted beautifully over these homemade chips. The color contrast if wonderful. The deep orange color of the  buffalo chicken to the light brown chips. Add two colors of melted cheese, the green onions and red tomatoes and these nachos really pop!

Even with the amount of cheese and toppings on this, the chips held up very nicely and continued to have crunch though the end. This was a pretty mild buffalo sauce so you do not have to worry about being burnt up by these either. The few bites you got with jalapeno was more spice than what was on the actually chicken. The best part of these nachos was the ratio of ingredients. They were perfect! With the chicken being diced so fine, there were plenty of bites of chicken to go around and you were able to get a fair amount of toppings on every single bite.

I’ve done nachos at Game On in Hannibal and also at Tower Pizza in Quincy, but these were by far the best of the three places I’ve done so far. Be sure to check this appetizer out for yourself. It’s a perfect dinner option too!

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