Rebel Pig Horseshoe Explosion (Palmyra, MO)

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Rebel Pig Smokehouse and Grill just recently opened on the main drag in Palmyra, MO. Located at 119 S Main St, they’ve only had a couple of weeks to get things flowing, but I decided to stop in, test it out, and let you know how it is. I’m trying for you today a signature dish they had on their menu: The Rebel Pig Horseshoe Explosion. The Horseshoe Explosion is your choice of mouth watering smoked pulled pork or chicken. Served over grilled Texas Toast & piled with seasoned waffle fries and their signature Jalapeno Queso cheese, and finally topped with house BBQ Glaze.

This location is part bar and part restaurant so there isn’t a great deal of seating.but in a town the size of Palmyra, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem here. I arrived around 6 pm on Friday night and was able to get a seat just fine. Service was also quick as there also wasn’t long of a wait to get your meal either. But lets get down to the real reason we are here…the food!


The Horseshoe Explosion arrive at my table and it looked great. You can tell that pork is true PULLED pork because it has the true long and stringy pulled pork quality. Most places that claim to be pull pork is really just shredded pork, but I was glad to see Rebel Pig knew and understood the difference! The pork itself had a nice subtle smoked flavor to it and went well with the sweetness of the BBQ glaze. The “seasoned” waffle fries were crisp but weren’t over seasoned by any means, and I think my bottom piece of Texas Toast could have used a little longer being toasted because more resembled a soggy piece of bread. A horseshoe needs that stiff harder toasted piece of bread to hold up the cheese that is going to be piled on top.

The flaw of the meal was that it just wasn’t that warm. I’m not sure if it might have been sitting there ready for a few minutes waiting on the other meal to come or just bad luck, but mine was nowhere near as hot as the chicken tenders that came with the meal of the other person in my party. The pork was cool to the taste buds and the fries weren’t piping hot either. Maybe they were expecting the melted cheese to warm things more than it did but was kinda unfortunate because everything on the plate tasted good! It just wasn’t as hot as what I would have hoped for. If the meal as a whole would have been warmer to the touch, I really think it would have been quite enjoyable.

I will also note, I was really expecting more out of the jalapeno queso too. You could have fooled me that Jalapeno was in the name because it tasted just like regular queso to me. I’d say they should either add a little more kick to it to bring out the flavors of its name or maybe take the word out the word Jalapeno. People that order something with Jalapeno in a name typically like heat and want a little, but it just wasn’t there. I think there would be several people who would see Jalapeno and would be scared off from ordering it by seeing htat, but really had no reason to be as it was pretty mild.

Overall, service was excellent. They were not taking cards yet so it was cash  or check only, but I’m sure that will change soon. If my meal would have been warmer, it would have been a real nice meal there. As I said before, they have only been open for a few weeks so I’m sure things are only going to get better after they get a few kinks worked out. I’m glad to see a restaurant serving quality smoked meat in a small town like Palmyra and I’m sure I’ll be back for a return trip!

One thought on “Rebel Pig Horseshoe Explosion (Palmyra, MO)

  1. Rhette Michaels

    I loved this place! They’ve got buffet in the back! I went up when they had country fried steak on the buffet. It was wonderful. I especially loved the cheese cake. If it’s not homemade, it’s good and close enough to pass! The buffet included the drink (Tall big glass) for $7.99. It was $8.53 with tax, I believe. The waitress was good enough she got an extra big tip.


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