Subway Santa Fe Chicken Melt


Subway’s Santa Fe Melts are kinda a mystery to me right now. Nowhere..and I mean nowhere on the internet has anything about these sandwiches yet, even though they have been available in my area now for a couple of weeks. After talking with a Subway rep about this, they said that this item is a promotional local release and not yet part of a national roll out. The Santa Fe Melts are served 2 different ways.. one all veggie and one with chicken. Both are served with Subway’s Veracruz Green Chili Sauce & Black Bean Spread. It’s something new so I had to do it so I tried for you the Santa Fe Chicken Melt on flatbread.


They first scoop out a black bean paste and cover one side of your sandwich. Then comes your chicken which is already coated in their Vereacruz Green Chili Sauce. Add cheese of your choice and throw this baby in the toaster. If you have a good Subway by you, have them throw on your green peppers, onions, and jalapenos right on the sandwich before they toss this in the toaster. This will warm up your veggies for you and can make a sandwich even more enjoyable!

I will admit, I was a little skeptical of this at first. If I want to eat Mexican, I’ll typically just go to Mexican. The Santa Fe Chicken Melt was actually very good though! This sandwich has a great medley of flavors going on. You are going to have to like black beans though because they area major taste and texture in this sandwich. If you like them though, you are going to love this sandwich.

Besides the flavors of the vegetables that you might add, the other major player in this sandwich is the Veracruz Green Chili Sauce. This sauce reminds me a lot of the Taco Bell Verde Sauce they used to have. I know there have been some folks real upset about Taco Bell getting rid of that item so if you are one of those people, Subway might be your favorite new place to eat because this sauce is great! Even though its Green Chili, it had a very mild flavor so you don’t have to worry about this sandwich being spicy because of it.

Even though I started off skeptical, I left very happy. This food blog was supposed to be a chance for me to really branch out and try new things but I enjoyed this one so much, I ordered it again just 2 days later! I was very happy with this one..both times! I hope Subway is in the process of a nation wide roll out because it’s a winner!

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