Boogaloo Cafe BLT Cheeseburger

wp-1467734308849.jpgI recently made a trip north over the Iowa border to Burlington for a trip to the Boogaloo Cafe. The Boogaloo Cafe is located in the Catfish Bend Casino complex and features a wide-ranging menu from burgers, sandwiches, steaks and pizza. Today I tried for you the BLT Cheeseburger and fries that was available for $9.95. I haven’t had much luck with “casino food” in my life as the couple of meals I’ve had at them were

rather disappointing. I honestly went in to try the Boogaloo Cafe with low expectations. As soon as I started seeing food being brought out to the other tables, I knew that I made the right decision!


The BLT Burger is a nice 1/3 lb sized patty, topped with six slices of applewood smoked bacon, romaine lettuce, sliced tomato and mayo, sandwiched between two slices of Texas toast. A BLT and a hamburger could it get any better than this? Well, actually it could with a couple of small things being fixed.

First off, they asked how I would like my burger prepared and I said medium. As you can tell, the burger is definitely not cooked to medium. I will typically always order a burger medium because if you do, you will get medium well. If you say medium well, you get well done. It’s a typical flaw of many places serving burgers to your “preferred done-ness” but I’m used to it by now, so I always ask for medium hoping to get a burger somewhere in the medium to medium well range. For this burger being more “done” than I preferred, I will say that is was still very moist!

The second thing that I didn’t realize (and this was partly my mistake) is that I was getting no cheese on this burger. I read right through the ingredients, but I didn’t even notice that it was missing cheese. That’s one of the most important parts! Had I had realized, I would have added on of there serveral cheeses to this sandwich as they had Provolone, Cheddar, American, Swiss, Pepper Jack and Bleu Cheese Crumbles.

Even with those couple of flaws, this was a very good tasting sandwich! The 2 slices of Texas Toast were toasted to perfection.. the burger was juicy.. and the bacon was nice and crispy. You absolutely got the feeling of having a BLT with a nice juicy beefy hamburger patty added to it! If this would have featured a slice of cheese, it would be been a GREAT sandwich.

I left very impressed with the Boogaloo Cafe. If you aren’t that far of a drive from Burlington, IA, you will absolutely get a meal worth your drive and worth your money at this restaurant!

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