Fuji Hibachi Steak & Shrimp (Lunch)


Fuji Japanese Steak House has been a tri-state staple in the Asian cuisine scene since it opened several years back. You can come here and enjoy a Hibachi meal or fresh sushi.. whatever your heart desires. Today I did something different but not exactly by choice. I have had the Hibachi meals AT the Hibachi Grill many times, but the grills were full today and was getting close to 1 pm so instead of waiting, I decided to get a table and still do the Hibachi lunch. It couldn’t be any different right? Today I got for you the Fuji Hibachi Steak and Shrimp.

With the lunch version of this item, you receive your choice of soup or salad and the portions of your meal is typically a little smaller. Costs less than a dinner so a little less food is acceptable. I enjoy both the salad and the soup so I went ahead and added the other to my meal so I got to experience both. Soup was right on par and exactly how it always tastes so I was pretty happy with that. Salad on the other hand was lacking the main ingredient.. salad. There was far more dressing than salad with this thing so left me a little disappointed since I was paying extra to get it added back to my meal.


Unfortunately, my disappointment didn’t end there. You typically still receive a very hearty helping of food with your meal when you are sitting at the Hibachi so I just assumed it would be the same size if you were sitting in the dining room. To my shock though, I barely got anything on my plate. 5 smaller pieces of shrimp and 6-7 tiny bites of steak seemed a little small for me but I could have excused that if it wasn’t for lack of sides. A single scoop of rice.. and a very small helping of veggies came with the meal. I was absolutely expectating twice the amount of veggie. If you want to skimp me on the meat at the lunch time price, I’m able to accept that. I figured though that I would get more than 2 small pieces of broccoli and a few small bites of squash, carrots, and onions. Also need to mention the carrots were almost rubbery and I’ve never had it like that from here before. Major bummer!

If this is how it is when you sit at the tables, I will in no way do this again. I feel like you get far more bang for your buck sitting at the grill. If the Hibachi is full and you are going to order a Hibachi meal, I suggest you wait the 10-15 minutes and get your spot at the grill so you actually leave the restaurant satisfied.

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