Mi Mexico Café – Fajitas for Two


Mi Mexico Cafe has been a staple of mine for nearly a decade. Good food and fast service at a great price! I’ve always thought it’s been on of the most consistent restaurants that I’ve been to around this area. It has been some time since I’ve been in here and the first time I’ve had true Mexican style food since I started this review blog a few months ago. Today, I made a trip in to have their biggest meal on the menu.. The Fajitas for Two!

Now before you go thinking that I tried to down this myself, please note that I was sharing this with someone else. I always joke that they should call this meal “Fajitas for Two for Three” because if you received a third package of tortillas, you could easily feed a third person off of this dish too!


First things first, look at this huge plate I got for my sides. They must have had an entire bag of lettuce to get rid of because I’ve never seen this much lettuce and pico on one plate before! The plate also had a nice portion of refried beans and rice and 3 tortilla shells on the side.


The Fajitas for Two is loaded down with all your fajita favorites. You receive a quad-fecta of meats in this.. chicken, steak, shrimp, and chorizo. For your veggies, this is piled high with onions, peppers, tomatoes and even broccoli. This doesn’t quite come out on the sizzlin’ skillet like a regular fajita meal but it was still hot and fresh of the grill. Taste was spot on and was plenty of leftovers to take home. I used 3 shells from home the next night and still had 3 completely loaded down fajitas.

Great meal to split between two OR three people. Check out Mi Mexico Cafe in Hannibal!

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