Sonic – Turtle Molten Cake Sundae


In celebration of National Ice Cream Day, I had to make a trip to Sonic Drive-In to have myself some ice cream of some sort. I couldn’t decide what to have.. I’ve had their shakes.. I’ve had their Master Blasts.. I’ve had their cones. What I finally found was an item that I’ve never had before… The Turtle Molten Cake Sundae. From the looks of this sundae, I’m in for a real treat today.

The Turtle Molten Cake Sundae comes with warm molten cake, filled with hot fudge and topped with a real ice cream sundae with rich caramel syrup, salted pecans, whipped topping and a cherry. From the presentation side, this looked like everything you would want with a sundae. Chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and all that caramel and nuts. The caramel and the salted pecans went great together and gave a wonderful sweet and salty contrast within this dessert. To go with all the other ingredients, there was a good sized scoop of ice cream so you were easily able to get some of every ingredient in each bite.


The part of this that I found to be the negative was the cake. The cake wasn’t warm as it claimed, and I really expected more out of the hot fudge center. Usually with a hot fudge sundae, your ice cream starts to melt some from the heat but this was more of a room temperature cake so it did not do that. The cake was also fairly dry as well so I’m glad there was enough of the wet ingredients to go around to give it some moisture. Also, the hot fudge center was literally 2-3 bites worth. It was hard for me to even get a picture of it with the lack of size of the hot fudge.

Overall, wasn’t a bad dessert though. I’m a huge fan of ice cream so it’s really has to be something really screwed up for me to hate it. The sweet and salty contrast was for cetrain the best part of this thing. You will also be very satisfied with the amount of each ingredient and your ability to get some of every item in every single bite! A nice hot fresh piece of chocolate cake under this and it would be been the bomb. Maybe next time!

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