Taco Bell – Quesarito & Beefy Potato Burrito


I’ve been waiting on a new item at Taco Bell for a few weeks now so I thought I might branch out to a couple burritos today. One item is the Cheesy Potato Burrito featuring seasoned ground beef, potatoes, nacho cheese sauce, and reduced fat sour cream. The other one I got was a popular item about 6 months ago, the Quesarito. My Quesarito featured shredded chicken, premium Latin rice, nacho cheese sauce, chipotle sauce, cheese and reduced fat sour cream. Lets dig in! 


First up is the Cheesy Potato Burrito. This burrito was a thing of beauty with the cheese.. the beef.. and the potatoes all stuffed into this. First bite in was awesome! You got a great taco flavor from the beef and cheese and paired along great with the crunch of the potato. This thing was as fresh as you could ask for and wrapped perfectly. You can’t go wrong ordering this item!


In case you didn’t know, the Quesarito is essentially a burrito that is wrapped inside a quesadilla. There is a pocked of cheese between the layers of the shells to give you that feel of the cheesy quesadilla. The side view of these layers inside the Quesarito didn’t look as nice as they did in the Cheesy Potato Burrito, but I think that’s because I ordered Shredded Chicken. I’m a big fan of the shredded chicken so I’m not saying that that is the problem. You can also order this item with beef or steak so I think the color contrast between the meat and the other items would have really popped through more if one of those meats would have been chosen. This item was also piping hot and the very cheesy. If I wouldn’t have cut this one in half to see the layers, it would have absolutely been one of those items that you could have pulled apart with your hands and the cheese would have sagged 2 feet between the two halves.

Both of these were the freshest items I’ve ever eaten at a Taco Bell. Hot.. Fresh.. Cheesy.. Delicious. Hats off to Taco Bell for top notch service today. If I had to choose which one I liked more, I would say it was the Cheesy Potato Burrito. I do really enjoy the shredded chicken that I picked for the Quesarito but I think another meat might have been a better option. So for that reason, the Cheesy Potato Burrito was the winner today!

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