Arby’s – King’s Hawaiian Half Pound Club


Arby’s has brought something big and amazing to fast food world. They have four wonderful looking sandwiches featuring their new brown sugar bacon. Brown Sugar Bacon Turkey, Brown Sugar Bacon Roast Beef, BLT, and the monstrous 1/2 pound club sandwich. The 1/2 pound club is what I tried for your today and it includes a giant heap of sliced roast turkey, an imposing pile of pit smoked ham and several slices of brown sugar bacon. This sandwich also comes with melted Swiss cheese, a mild & creamy Dijon spread and fluffy King’s Hawaiian® bun. Join me in the half-pound club, club.


Of course, when I was placing this order, I noticed that it said it was a half pound club sandwich but I was in no way thinking that it was going to be THIS big of a sandwich. I was thinking that it was going to be a little bit of ham and a little bit of turkey and a few strips bacon but this thing had heaping piles of each meat. This thing was huge.. maybe even a little too big as it was a little hard to even fit in your mouth for a bite. It wasn’t a huge problem but still a little bit of a downfall. Another slight negative that I noticed was that the bottom bun was a little soggy from the amount of ingredients on this sandwich.

The taste of this sandwich was GREAT. The ham and turkey was a great combo together with that melted Swiss cheese. The star of this show though was 100% the brown sugar bacon. These bacon slices were complete meat candy! A great meaty texture and the bacon had such a huge sweetness come through from the brown sugar. The sweetness was a little bit overpowering but still very top notch bacon.

If I was to do this again, I think I would have rather had one of the smaller sandwiches. There was just so much STUFF stuffed between these two buns that it was a little hard to eat. The ratios of all the ingredients would have been more enjoyable on a “one meat” sandwich and not one where the ham and turkey were doubled up. I don’t think you could go wrong with adding this Brown Sugar Bacon on anything though! It was one of the best bacons that I’ve ever had so hats off to Arby’s for continuing a success on great new items lately!

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