Dairy Queen – Chicken Strip Basket


The Dairy Queen Chicken Strip Basket was one of my go to’s when I was in my younger years. I’d do at least one of these a week and who could blame me? 6 pieces of chicken tenders, fries, and buttery toast paired with DQ gravy. I was in heaven when I had one of these sitting in my lap. It’s been years since I’ve had one of these at this point, but today is going to be the day I’m changing that around. I hold before you, the Dairy Queen 4 Piece Chicken Strip Basket!


First thing I’ll note, I was very lucky. I was trying to decide between a 6 piece and a 4 piece. The fat me was saying go for the 6 piece while the skinny side of me was saying just do the 4. As I said though, I was lucky and ordered a 4 piece but I had an extra 5th chicken strip that was in my basket! The chicken strips themselves really aren’t anything special. As typical in the fast food, they are a frozen prepackaged chicken strip that is deep-fried and thrown in your basket. The strips are nothing great by any means, but I have always enjoyed them when dipping them in the gravy that comes with the basket.

As far as the sides, you always seem to get a hearty handful of fries from Dairy Queen, but you’ll have to either go with ketchup route OR do as I used to do and order a second gravy. If you order the second gravy, these fries go great in that as well and no other condiment is needed. Use gravy for everything! My favorite part though is that Texas Toast. Dairy Queen has the BEST butter! When you get this Texas Toast, it’s always slathered in it and dipping your toast into that gravy is to die for. One of my all time favorite bites of anything I’ve had in the Fast Food World!

Great little meal from Dairy Queen and you can get it with or without a drink. One of the few places/meals that give you that option which is nice if you are a water drinker. No sense in paying for a fountain soda but you still get the basic “combo”. For me, this meal reminded me of old times and I really enjoyed it!

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