Little Caesars Meat Trio Pizza


Little Caesar’s in Hannibal has seemed to be doing some good business since it’s opening. It’s great concept for the nights that you just don’t feel like cooking or you just want to enjoy some carryour pizza and a cold beer. The latter is exactly how I was feeling so I stopped by to pick up a $5 Hot and Ready Pepperoni. When I got there, I saw the “Ready Now” sign on a Meat Trio pizza so I figured I should try that out instead. I’ve never had anything other than the regular crust pepperoni or the thick crust pepperoni so it would be a nice time to try out some other toppings so I placed my order. Pepperoni, Sausage and Bacon ready to go for $8.. what could go wrong?

Well the one thing that could go wrong, it wasn’t actually “ready”. I was told after I placed my order and paid for it, that it was going to be a 5 minute wait. If it wasn’t ready, you would think that would be the first thing they would say is that they don’t actually have one available right this second and its going to be 5 minutes.. would you like to wait or place an order for something else? Just makes sense to me. What if I didn’t have 5 minutes to wait and that’s the whole reason for me buying a “READY NOW” item? Then  you would have to refund me and let me place a new order for something that WAS actually ready now. Maybe they will see this post and try to fix that because that just seems silly to me and too much wasted time for both the customer and the worker.


In short, I DID in fact have the 5 minutes to kill this time so I waited and took my pizza home. I’m glad I did wait because having the added sausage and bacon on this pizza was really good. The pepperoni only can be a little plain tasting so having other toppings (especially bacon) was a very nice addition. Pizza was fresh and flavorful.. crust was great.. and it wasn’t in the least greasy like the last pizza I got from Pizza Hut. I was pretty satisfied with this pizza and pretty much everything I’ve got so far with Little Ceaser’s. It will be just a matter of time before I’m back!

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