Brick Oven – Spaghetti & Meatball


Brick Oven in Hannibal is a local downtown Hannibal favorite but is not somewhere that I have stopped in at over the years. I made a recent trip in so I decided to try an American Italian Favorite.. Grandpa Karl’s Spaghetti and Meatball. The menu says this is a family recipe which features a rich and hearty sauce and a third pound meatball for $14.99. As an entrée, it was served with a side of bread.. If you also choose, you can add an additional meatball for $3.00 but I just did the one.  Lets dig in!

The one thing that I thought was a little odd was it was a pasta dish that was not served with a side salad before hand. Nearly anywhere you order pasta from, you will always get a small plate or bowl of salad with it. Not a huge deal but it was something that surprised me, especially for the $14.99 price tag.

The mount of pasta that you received was a nice hefty dinner sized portion and so was the meatball. The meatball in my onion was cooked perfect.. had good flavor and wasn’t too dense (as some meatballs can be). The sauce was thick, rich and hearty and was also very enjoyable. Top it with some Parmesan Cheese and some freshly cracked pepper and you have yourself a meal!

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As good as is it was, that’s not to say there weren’t a few negatives with this dish as well. Upon arrival of the spaghetti, I could right away see the that pasta had not been drained very well. There is a pretty good amount of water that was underneath my spaghetti and I’m not a fan of that. Any added water will just dilute the sauce and when you have a nice hearty thick sauce like this sitting on top a heep of spaghetti, I hate to see if diluted with any water or condensation.

The other thing that I found a little odd for me was the bay leaves. I’m in 100% support of adding bay leaves to a spaghetti sauce while its simmering, but I don’t want it in my finished product. As you can see from the pic, the bay leaves were left in the dish so you had to sift out yourself and push aside. I would have much preferred if they would have removed the leaves before serving the dish. Maybe I don’t know a lot about Italian cuisine and this is how it is “authentically” done, but I like to just be able to dig in when my meal is served so I found this to be a turn off.

The Brick Oven in Hannibal is located at 207 Center St in Hannibal if you want to check it out. Prices are a little high for what you are getting, but this also isn’t going to Domino’s and ordering a $5 pizza or pasta dish either. This is real cooking! In my opinion, there were a few small flaws with the dish but was still very tasty! Brick Oven had a great sit down environment and looked like a very nice place to enjoy a bottle of wine and have a nice Italian dinner. If you haven’t ever been in, its worth your time to try it out.

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