Red Burrito – Chicken Grillled Burrito


Red Burrito is not something that I get to experience a whole lot. I enjoy the concept to see more options to choose from at a Hardee’s, but unless they are able to double their menu size and still get orders out in a decent time frame, then it is a failure. Today, I decided to try the Red Burrito Chicken Grilled Burrito which is all white meat char-grilled chicken, refried beans, rice, cheese and freshly prepared salsa rolled up in a grilled flour tortilla. It is served in a combo with chips and salsa and a drink.

I mentioned the speed of getting the orders to you for a reason. We had three 1 person orders at our table and all three were right at 20 minutes to get our food. Every table that we saw while were were in this resturant had around a 20 minute way. That long of service in unacceptable in the fast food world. If I was going into a sit down establishment, then I wouldn’t mind the 20 minute wait and I would have found that completely acceptable. But when you have over 20 minute wait to get your meal at a fast food joint, it can be very frustrating. Something defintely needs fixed!


When my meal finally arrived, I was very much ready to eat. It had already surpassed 12:30 pm and I had a long time since breakfast so I thought I was at the point where I could eat a horse and be happy. First thing I tried was the chips and salsa since they were so easy to dive into and to my disappointment, they were gross. The chips were paper thin and flavorless and the salsa I would consider to be more of a pico de gallo than salsa. I like my salsa to have somewhat of a puree consistency to it as well but this was just diced tomatoes and onions in a cup.I tried a couple bites of it, but I couldn’t do it.

The Chicken Grilled Burrito itself wasn’t bad. I would have much preferred they bring you some sauce with it or have sauce that you can just grab yourself like at Taco Bell. After a 20 minute wait, I wasn’t going to go stand back in line just for sauce. I unhappily finished my burrito and ate a few of the flavorless chips and hit the road. Pretty disappointing trip to Red Burrito for me. Kitchen was way behind getting everything out and the whole situation seemed to be very disorganized. It will be awhile before I try one of these again!

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