Sonic $5 Boom Box


The Sonic Drive In $5 Boom Box is a sure way to fill you up without breaking the bank. You can snag your fave 6 inch Hot Dog, a Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburger, Medium Tots or Fries and a Medium Drink for just $5. Best of all (and unlike many other $5 deals), you get many options to choose from. There are 7 different types of hot dogs ranging from plain Jane to their Loaded Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Coney and you also get to choose between fries and tots for your side. No matter which options you choose, it’s still just $5!

Today I got for you the Bacon Chili Cheese Coney, a Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburger and I went out of my norm and got fries instead of tots. I usually always get tots since they aren’t an option at other establishments, but for whatever reason, I decided to go with fries today. After a couple bites into them, it really made me wish I would have just gotten tots. The fries weren’t fresh.. and they were kinda soggy and bland so that didn’t make them very appetizing.

My Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburger though was nicely put together and really a decent sized sandwich when you factor in everything else you are getting with this meal. I wouldn’t want it any bigger. The Jr Deluxe Cheeseburger comes with 100% pure beef patty, melty American cheese, crinkle-cut pickles, chopped onions, fresh shredded lettuce & ripe tomatoes, with your choice of mustard, mayo or ketchup.  The onion was kinda sharp tasting on some bites but other than that, no complaints here!

The Bacon Chili Cheesy Coney is the ultimate combination of crispy bacon, chili and melty cheese. The Bacon Chili Cheese Coney is made with 100 percent beef and topped with chili, shredded cheese and crisp bacon. It really felt like a premium hot dog with a good snap and bite to the dog and it was loaded down with all these toppings. Very tasty.

Other than the not choosing tots instead of fries, this was a very nice meal especially when you consider you are only paying $5 for all of this and a medium drink. Well worth the stop in!


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