Taco Bell Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito Box


The best thing about Taco Bell is their menu is ever-changing, and they are always introducing new items all the time. Since their addition of the “box meals”, their new items have typically always been introduced in a $5 box and the newest Taco Bell item isn’t any different. I will introduce to you the Cheesy Core Burritos Boxes. These boxes can be purchased 2 different ways (which I will explain below) and also come with a Doritos Locos Taco and a regular taco. The difference in this box meal is that this is a $6 box meal for some reason and not at their normal $5 price tag.

As I said earlier, these Cheesy Core Burritos can be purchased two different ways. The Crunchy Cheesy Core Burrito contains their “red strips” and they also have a Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito that has jalapeno on it. That is the one that I tried for you today. Both versions contain seasoned beef, latin rice, sour cream, red sauce, 3 cheese blend and nacho cheese sauce.

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The Cheesy Core Burrito wasn’t quite like it is pictured in the ads. There was very little meat in this burrito and it was all in one spot. When I hear Cheesy Core, I was expecting it to be in the center but it was just a melty cheesy glob on one side. I will also note, the jalapenos that came on this were gross. First off, they were a pickled jalapeno which not only completely changes the texture, it completely changes the flavor profile as well as compared to a freshly chopped jalapeno. My jalapenos were chewy and very unappetizing, and I wound up just removing them after a couple bites.

If I was to do this box again, I would without a doubt choose the Crunchy one instead of the spicy. After I removed the chewy jalapenos, this burrito really lacked any change in texture. It was bite after bite of just mush! It was a pretty disappointing trip to Taco Bell for me especially when I saw the chance of trying a new item on its first day on the Taco Bell menu. The $6 price tag instead of $5 was a bummer as well. It’s not that the $1 was going to break the bank, I just didn’t see what made this meal that much more costly than any other $5 meal they have had in the past. This is not an item I was very high on so proceed with caution if you are thinking about trying it out for yourself!

One thought on “Taco Bell Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito Box

  1. Cindi Friend

    Haven’t tried the cheesy core burrito yet but if you say it was like that I think I’ll pass. I like my cheese all through the burriti. Need to make some changes. Im a taco bell fan!!


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