Dairy Queen – Artisan Philly Sandwich


When you think of Dairy Queen, you first think of all that wonderful ice cream. There is a huge selection of blizzards and sundaes and ice cream cakes that people enjoy every day. Some may even think about the DQ Chicken Strip baskets or cheeseburgers or very few maybe even think about DQ Breakfast, but I would have never believed DQ would be serving up what I am trying for you today. A Philly Steak Sandwich. I was shocked to see this on their menu but I had to try it and let you know what I thought.

I’ve had all of their Over Baked sandwiches so far and have overall been pretty impressed with all of them. Since they have been pretty good, I was excited to get to get to try a new one. Their Artisan Philly sandwich has warm thinly sliced steak, Monterey Jack cheese, flame-roasted red and green peppers and onions served hot from the oven on an artisan-style basil cheese focaccia roll. This Philly Steak sandwich sits right at about 600 calories.

There wasn’t a long wait for the meal and was served up fresh. The cheesy was melted and the steak was hot and even contained some seasoning to give it some good flavor. I was really surprised that this was actually a pretty good tasting Philly steak sandwich. I mean compared to Pepperjax, it might have been lacking but that place specializes in them. This is Dairy Queen we are talking about here. The home of the Blizzard! And they actually did this pretty well. Only downfall of the sandwich is that it was a little on the slick side. If it was a little less greasy, it would have went a long way into making this sandwich great!

Very good sandwich and I’m sure is only going to be out for a limited time so you better try it quick!

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