Wendy’s NEW Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich has been one of my go to staples over the last few years. If you get the a fresh grilled piece of chicken, it’s a great sandwich and at just 360 calories. Wendy’s is considering a change to its Grilled Chicken Sandwich as it is releasing a new version in seven markets starting in early to mid-August — Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville, Kansas City and Austin. The New Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a juicy, all-white meat chicken breast fillet, marinated in a blend of herbs, topped with a smoky honey mustard, vibrant spring mix and fresh-cut tomato, all served on a toasted, multi-grain bun.

Wendy’s made the transition in the last year to a newer bun for its more “premium” sandwiches like the Dave’s Single, or the Spicy Chicken and it has been great. The buns are fresher and really are more enjoyable than their dry bun that is still available on the cheapy sandwiches. But Wendy’s is considering another change to this sandwich though and that is the transition to a multi-grain bun. So in the last year, I’ll have had this sandwich 3 different ways (well not counting the times they have messed it up and put mayo or ranch on it instead of the honey mustard), so I’ll be able to easily say which one is my favorite way.


The toasted Multi-grain Bun features nine different grains and seeds including white sesame seeds, red quinoa and rolled oats. As  you can tell from the picture, those are the main three that you see on the top of the bun. This was overall a pretty good quality made sandwich but it was still very different from what I had been used to.  I really think it’s the red quinoa that is the cause because it gives the sandwich a different texture. It’s not that its bad, it’s just different. Being a fan of quinoa is a must because you really get that in each bite.

I’m all for trying to get healthier options available on fast food menus so I think its great that Wendy’s is trying this new bun, and they are also doing antibiotic free chicken testing in some of the test markets featuring this bun. If they hadn’t just made a change to a different bun 6 months ago, I wouldn’t have been so shocked. All in all though. the previous bun is my favorite of them so changing to something else is going to be a transition. Especially when it’s one of your favorite sandwiches on their menu. I’m sure the next time I get it, it won’t come as much of a shock as what it did this time and will get better and better with time.

Props to Wendy’s for trying something new but time will only tell if this makes it passed the test marketing phase and gets a full release across Wendy’s nationwide.


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