Hardee’s Classic Double Cheeseburger Combo


Carl’s Jr released a sandwich earlier this year and it  has been on my eye since. Dubbed the California Classic, this double cheese burger also features lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and thousand island dressing. Unfortunately, being in the Midwest, we do not have Carl’s Jr here because we have all Hardee’s so my ability to try this out for you has been rahter difficult. I’ve sent a few messages their way hoping they would release this to Hardee’s markets, and its finally arrived! Best of all, this is served with fries and a drink for just $4.99.


As excited as I was for this sandwich, it flew right out the window by the time it hit my table. The first thing out of the servers mouth was, “Sorry for the wait, but we were waiting on fries. They’re hot. Be careful!” The problem was though, there was nothing hot or fresh about the fries so there was no way this is what caused the long wait time. If you are going to make up an excuse, at least make one believable.

Secondly, they absolutely did not know how to make the sandwich. I heard the cook ask as soon as I ordered, “How you make one of them classics?” and the person who took the order answered back. What she said was correct, but what he made was not.


There was not 2 pieces of cheese on this but 4 pieces. Two pieces on top, 1 between the patties and one below the patties. I tried to eat the one half as it was but the amount of cheese was just unbearable. I had to remove the top 2 pieces of cold unmelted cheese off the sandwich to be able to get it down. You could think maybe this was just a mistake but the other person I was there with got their sandwich the EXACT same way. Even down to the 2 extra pieces of cheese on the top. Also, as you can tell from the top picture, the bun had been mutilated and all the extra thousand island dressing was seeping through the top bun.

Overall, this was a very unpleasant sandwich to eat and very disappointing. I’m not going to blame the sandwich yet but more the technique in which it was prepared. If I was you, I would wait a couple more weeks for the employees to learn this sandwich and how it needs to be made before you try it. I know I will before I try it again!

UPDATE: Return Trip Sept 30, 2016.

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Sandwich was a LOT better off my second time there. Meat was warm with a good charbroiled tasted. There was only 2 pieces of cheese so that was another positive. Taste was actually pretty enjoyable this time around with all the flavors melding together pretty nicely.

I did end up with a bit indigestion  from the grilled onions as they bit back for a few hours so you may want to watch out of that if you have the sandwich for yourself. $4.99 for a combo made this a pretty good worthwhile deal when they knew how to prepare the sandwich!

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