Finn’s Buffalo Chicken Shoe


Finn’s Food and Spirits is located in historic downtown Hannibal at 214 N Main St. The location features both inside and outdoor patio seating, a full bar, and often times on the weekend will even house live music on the outdoor patio. It’s a nice afternoon outdoors and local singer and guitarist Steve Paquet is playing music to help set off a good atmosphere for my dining experience. The menu mainly consists of burgers and sandwiches, but I had to go with a rendition of a central Illinois favorite..the horseshoe!

Their horseshoe, the Buffalo Shoe contains hand breaded chicken breast fried to golden brown and dipped in Huck’s buffalo sauce. This is then served on top of Texas toast and smothered with fries and their house made cheese sauce. This can also be purchased as a BBQ shoe if you aren’t a fan of the buffalo and want to get away from the heat.

When the meal arrived, first thing I noticed was the large amount of french fries. This can be both good and bad and I’ll explain. I want there to be plenty of food to go around but one of the important things about a horseshoe is you want there to be a good ratio of ingredients. From the start, I could tell that this was going to have far more fries than meat so that ratio was already thrown off. There was several bites that were only fries and some with barely any cheese so I found that to be a negative.

Overall though, I was pretty impressed with the meal. The buffalo sauce had  a little kick to it but wasn’t overly spicy. Just enough to know you were getting some heat. For that amount of fries, I just wish you would have got another strip of chicken to make the meat go around a little further or maybe even less fries. I left a good portion of them back because it was just too much. Another thing that I’ll note is someone in my party I was with order beer battered fries as their side with their meal. I would have much preferred these with my horseshoe so the option to choose which fry you wanted could have been nice.

Good meal and good atmosphere. I hope  you get a chance to even some nice fall weather and sit outside at Finn’s Food and Spirits and enjoy one of these yourself!

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